How We Achieve Success

End-to-End Project Management

Expert in developing and managing complex project plans, our team delivered a time-sensitive, end-to-end cross-city relocation of a packaging management facility.

Taking accountability for all inventory, plant, and transportation, we achieved a successful relocation ahead of schedule – minimising operational disruption for our client.

Time & Motion Analysis

With a client experiencing severe production bottlenecks, our team proactively delivered a Time & Motion study; identifying wasteful motion and developing a remedial action plan to improve site efficiency.

The result? A more efficient workforce model that balanced workforce with workload

Systems & Process Auditing

Having taken over workforce management of recycling facility, our team was tasked with resolving poor safety standards and low productivity.

An extensive audit and action plan saw Paradigm implement drastic changes – driving retention and performance through improved conditions and clear, efficient processes.

AS/NZS4801 Safety Consultancy

Fully AS/NZS4801 accredited, Paradigm delivered a comprehensive site audit of our client's facility, ensuring all potential hazards were documented, categorised and mitigated – significantly reducing quarter-on-quarter incidents.

Process Automation

Understanding the significant cost reductions opportunities of process automation, we leveraged the expertise of our robotics partners to automate several manual functions throughout a production facility – reducing workforce costs and boosting productivity.

Supply Chain Consultancy

Our team conducted a procurement project to drive down costs associated with aging equipment and supplier fragmentation, ensuring all major costs were fully rationalised without compromising quality.

Complete Non-Core Process Management

Driving business performance starts with focusing your efforts where it matters. That's where we specialise – taking on complete management of non-core functions. For over five years, we've been a trusted partner to a global manufacturer, driving core operations by managing their returnable packaging supply chain.

Dashboard Reporting

You can't manage what you don't measure. Paradigm recently designed and delivered a customised dashboard reporting solution, providing easy visual reference of average workforce performance, monitoring of select individuals, and quick visual identification of 'outliers'.
“Paradigm were able to provide very valuable insights and realistic, achievable recommendations.” – Manager, FMCG Industry

Why Partner With Us?

Discover The Paradigm Difference

Experts in Workforce Management

Experts in Workforce Management

Uncontrolled workforce expenditure is the single largest cost impacting Australian industry.

Paradigm's proven workforce outsourcing and management package positions our clients for success, assuring your organisation of:

• Complete workforce administration

• Award/EBA interpretation

• Workforce streamlining

• Improved workforce performance

• A Recruit-To-Fit model that expertly matches prospective talent to your business.

• Improved safety culture

• Enhanced retention and engagement

• Reduced absenteeism.

Drive Supplier Performance & Cost Reduction

Drive Supplier Performance & Cost Reduction

Take control of your supplier base with Paradigm Managed Services.

Our team of procurement professionals will work with your team to:

• Manage end-to-end RFT/RFP projects

• Consolidate your existing suppliers.

• Negotiate or re-negotiate commercially attractive agreements.

• Ensure suppliers are meeting all contractual obligations.

• Host supplier review meetings

Powerful, Visual Insight into Key Performance Metrics.

Powerful, Visual Insight into Key Performance Metrics.

Take control of critical business data with our data visualisation platform. From workforce productivity through to finance and safety, Paradigm can assist you drive performance through data.

Paradigms' expert data scientists deliver engaging, interactive dashboards across any recordable metric, including

• Finance

• Workforce Productivity

• Plant Efficiency & Throughput

• Safety Management

Get in touch with Paradigm today, and start making informed, data-driven decisions.

Expert-Designed Efficiency & Reliability Solutions

Expert-Designed Efficiency & Reliability Solutions

Maintaining your competitive advantage begins with ensuring your facility and underlying processes reflect best-practice.

Our experts consultants have worked across Australia's premier manufacturing firms – driving efficiency, reducing waste, and minimising downtime.

Paradigm's suite of services in this category include:

• SOP Review & Development

• Time In Motion Studies

• Facility Layout review

• Production schedule analysis

• Site management review

• Lean Six Sigma methodology implementation

All services are accompanied by a full recommendation report outlining key findings and projected benefits.

Keep Your Organisation on The Leading Edge.

Keep Your Organisation on The Leading Edge.

Australian industry is in the midst of significant disruption as organisations seek to reduce costs and lower their risk profile through automation.

Paradigm provides all facets of automation engineering and design – assisting your organisation achieve a competitive edge through equipping your facilities with the latest in robotics and computerisation technology.

Benefits of our suite of automation services include:

• Reduced workforce requirement

• Improved safety performance

• Improved facility throughput

End-to-End Consultancy and Managed Services Across all Facets of Your Supply Chain.

Proven Results

Improved Workforce Productivity
Improvement in cross-facility collaboration
Reduction in production downtime
Improvement in reported workforce engagement