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Founded in 2013, Paradigm was established with a singular vision – combining the resources of a global Human Resource Management firm with over a decade of consultancy experience to become Australia's most trusted name in industrial consultancy services.

In contrast to other entities in the market, Paradigm are not solely a consultancy – we stand by our recommendations, following them through to a successful conclusion.


A Word from our GM

Pedro Henriquez
Pedro Henriquez
General Manager, Paradigm Managed Services

At Paradigm we have a simple philosophy - we enhance success by sharpening your focus. Paradigm is designed to take care of those non-core business functions in your organisation whilst you focus on your core strengths.

As our business world develops further complexities, our customers demand uncomplicated solutions to their challenges. The team at Paradigm can re-engineer your non-core business functions with a unique blend of consultancy and actionable insight.

Our ultimate aim is to drive value by way of greater efficiencies and to reduce costs. A great analogy for customer success is by the way of a three-legged stool. Each leg represents the essentials in any business - price, quality and service.  All are relied upon to ensure the right balance. For us, we understand the importance of each, and create a sustainable partnership with workable solutions to keep your businesses’ equilibrium.

Our level of professionalism, proven experience coupled with a strong service focus has seen Paradigm create a number of customised and measurable solutions. Our approach and results have seen the rapid expansion of our service portfolio across a range of industries, as more companies seek for a better way forward.

I invite you to leverage twenty years of proven capability in driving performance and efficiencies of Australian businesses and experience the unique blend of a consultancy with practical insight.